Affiliate Programs and Ad Networks that pay by Paypal

Need an Affiliate Program or Ad Network that pays by Paypal? Check this list - you can find here tested Affiliate Programs and
Ad Networks that pay correctly via Paypal to their Affiliates.

1. MarketHealth

  • Health/Beauty/Male Enhancement affiliate network
  • over 50 different products with 50% commission
  • free hosting, banners and site templates
  • $20 minimum payout by Paypal

2. MoreNiche
  • Weight Loss/Health/Male Enhancement/Gambling products
  • up to $175 per sale
  • $45 in signup bonuses
  • free affiliate site templates, site content, keyword lists
  • tons of free e-books and guides on how to promote the products
  • $100 minimum payout by Paypal, bi-weekly payments

3. CashBurners

  • High Converting Herbal Products
  • Free Website templates, Online herbal shop template
  • $200 minimum payout by Paypal

4. Bidvertiser

  • Adsense-similar ad network
  • highest bids displayed first
  • $10 minimum payout by Paypal


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