Choosing the best affiliate program

The affiliate programs are a great way to earn money from your website. There are thousands such Affiliate Programs, actulally they are so many that you can always find one that is corresponding to the content of your website. They allow you to earn money for referring visitors to the target products.

You can earn money from the Affiliate Programs in different ways:

1. Commission Based - you get money by referring a customer who buys a product on the target website.

2. Visitor based - you get paid just for referring a new visitor to the target website.

You have a website? That's great, but if you want to go to the next level and earn money from the traffic, here come these programs - the Affiliate programs.

After signing up for an affiliate program you get an Link with your unique ID. You start promoting this Link (typically a Link to their site with your ID, so they can see who referred the visitor). You get your money depending on the affiliate program, but typically every day, every week or every month.

Some of them provide you with free Website templates, which you can edit, make unique and make your brand, so it is like a real small business.

The payment methods are also important when choosing an Affiliate Program. Most of them pay by check, but this method takes very long time to receive your money. Better Sign-up for a Program that pays by Paypal or E-Passporte.

Just for your information they are People that make crazy money from that business. There is a casino webmaster making $70 000/Month and a Herbal Webmaster making $60 000/Month from this. Not bad, isn't it.

With your little baby (your website) you can live more than just good and the great thing is it takes only about 2hrs a day. It takes 2hrs. to check how it is going and make the necessary changes. Give it a try. Join one of my trusted Affiliate Programs for free, choose a product that you like and start making Money by promoting it!

A List of my Trusted Affiliate Programs


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