Affiliate Programs that pay by ePassporte

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Do you want to know which of the most popular affiliate programs and networks pay by ePassporte?

Epassporte is one of the most popular and secure online payment methods available for affiliates. You can get your money almost instantly on any ATM device in the world that supports Visa Electron cards.

We will show you here only trusted affiliate programs that always pay on time with ePassporte. Just a take a look at our recommendations below and select the affiliate program that you want to promote. Let's start with my personal favorite - MoreNiche:

1. MoreNiche

  • up to $175 per sale for promoting high converting health/weight loss/adult/gambling products
  • $45 signup bonus
  • free site templates, beginner guides, marketing e-books and site content
  • active affiliate forum to ask questions and get help
  • bi-weekly payments
  • $100 minimum payout by ePassporte; Paypal, Check and Wire Transfer also available

2. GenBucks (The site is currently down, should be back soon)

  • one of the largest herbal affiliate networks
  • high convering herbal health/weight loss/male enhancement pills paying high commissions
  • Free ePassporte card when you make your first $100 in GenBucks
  • free hosting and website templates
  • weekly payments
  • $100 minimum payout by ePassporte

3. WorldNiche

  • promote weight loss/skincare/male enhancement products
  • up to $240 per sale
  • bi-weekly payments
  • $100 minimum payout by ePassporte; Check, Wire, MoneyBookers, FedEx check also available as options

4. CashBurners

  • promote herbal supplements and sex toys
  • earn 40% commissions
  • free hosting and branded shop templates
  • bi-weekly payments
  • $200 minimum payout by ePassporte; Paypal and Wire also available

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Affiliate Network that pays $1 per free webmaster signup

Did you know that the GenBucks Affiliate Network pays $1 per free referral signup? You just need to refer other members and you will get $1 per their free signup + 10% of the money they make. Moreover you will get a Free EPassporte Visa Card when you reach the minimum payout amount of $100. GenBucks will send you the EPassporte Card for free to your own address.

GenBucks pays weekly via EPassporte. They are one of the most reputable Affiliate Networks in the Herbal Niche with 40%-50% commissions and incredibly high conversion ratios.

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Get a Free EPassporte Visa Card

Do you know how you can get a free EPassporte Visa Card to use with many affiliate programs that offer EPassporte as payment option? Read here how you can do that:

You simply need to join the GenBucks Affiliate Network and make $100 there. GenBucks will create an EPassporte Account for you after reaching the amount of $100 and will send you the Visa Card for free.

Genbucks is one of the largest affiliate networks today paying over $1,000,000 every month to it's affiliates. They offer health/weight loss/male enhancement/legal drugs products with big commissions and they always pay correctly to their affiliates.

Don't miss out this opportunity - signup to GenBucks today!

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Free Casino Affiliate Programs

You have a casino/gambling related website and want to make more money with it? Take a look here for the best casino affiliate programs paying up to $200 per new depositing player: MoreNiche Casino Sites

You can choose between 5 Online Casino Sites, 1 Online Poker Site and 1 Online Poker Forum to promote. MoreNiche also has a friendly affiliate support team that helps the new affiliates and answer their questions on how to promote the MoreNiche products. Join MoreNiche to start promoting these and many other sites.

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Affiliate Programs and Ad Networks that pay by Paypal

Need an Affiliate Program or Ad Network that pays by Paypal? Check this list - you can find here tested Affiliate Programs and
Ad Networks that pay correctly via Paypal to their Affiliates.

1. MarketHealth

  • Health/Beauty/Male Enhancement affiliate network
  • over 50 different products with 50% commission
  • free hosting, banners and site templates
  • $20 minimum payout by Paypal

2. MoreNiche
  • Weight Loss/Health/Male Enhancement/Gambling products
  • up to $175 per sale
  • $45 in signup bonuses
  • free affiliate site templates, site content, keyword lists
  • tons of free e-books and guides on how to promote the products
  • $100 minimum payout by Paypal, bi-weekly payments

3. CashBurners

  • High Converting Herbal Products
  • Free Website templates, Online herbal shop template
  • $200 minimum payout by Paypal

4. Bidvertiser

  • Adsense-similar ad network
  • highest bids displayed first
  • $10 minimum payout by Paypal

EasyWebsites4u - Webdesign Affiliate Program

New Product has been launched by the MoreNiche Affiliate Network! This is EasyWebsites4u - an affordable webdesign service.

What does EasyWebsites4u offer to it's customers?

  • Affordable Unique Webdesign
  • Free Domain
  • Professional Logo Design
  • Free on site SEO
  • Free Flash Animations
  • Free Visitor Counter
  • Up to 20 Free E-Mail accounts
  • Free Search Engine Submission

What does it offer to the Affiliates?

  • Low competition niche for affiliate advertisers
  • Clear commission structure
  • Up to $138.50 per sale
  • Reliable tracking system
  • Review, professionally created Banners, 10 web design articles
  • Friendly Affiliate Support on the MoreNiche forum

If you offer some services like logo, banner design or SEO on your own website, then the EasyWebsites4u affiliate program can help you earn more money.

Try it now - Join MoreNiche and start promoting EasyWebsites4u!

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First Steps with MoreNiche

When you first go on the MoreNiche Website you will land here:

You need to become an Affiliate. Select the Join for free today and enter your details. You get accepted automatically and without any phone confirmations. You don't even need to have a website to Join MoreNiche. You will get a $15 Bonus right after you sign-up.

After you have successfully joined Moreniche you need to login to the website. Use the menu on the left to navigate through the MoreNiche Website.

To start with MoreNiche I recommend you to read the Beginners Guide in the Guides & Tools Section.

See how it looks like:

Read this guide and you will learn some step-by-step basics on how to start with MoreNiche and promote their products. It will help beginners and also experienced affiliates to understand how to make money on MoreNiche.

Then you can check the Marketing E-Books in the same section and read them one by one. You will need some time. Maybe you can read 1-2 of the E-Books per day. It is a lot of content, but you will find them all very helpful.

You can also login to the MoreNiche forum and ask some questions. The guys there are very friendly and help a lot.

And what's more - MoreNiche can stimulate you on the way to your 1st sale. They have a so called Cash Activated Bonuses System. You get $45 just by being active:

  • $15 to sign-up
  • $10 to send some visitors to their Products
  • $10 to send your first 100 visitors to their products
  • $10 to post on their forum
But remember, you will need to make some sales and reach the amount of $100 to receive your Money.

So make your first step forward to learn Affiliate Marketing and earn money on MoreNiche - Join Today!

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Choosing the best affiliate program

The affiliate programs are a great way to earn money from your website. There are thousands such Affiliate Programs, actulally they are so many that you can always find one that is corresponding to the content of your website. They allow you to earn money for referring visitors to the target products.

You can earn money from the Affiliate Programs in different ways:

1. Commission Based - you get money by referring a customer who buys a product on the target website.

2. Visitor based - you get paid just for referring a new visitor to the target website.

You have a website? That's great, but if you want to go to the next level and earn money from the traffic, here come these programs - the Affiliate programs.

After signing up for an affiliate program you get an Link with your unique ID. You start promoting this Link (typically a Link to their site with your ID, so they can see who referred the visitor). You get your money depending on the affiliate program, but typically every day, every week or every month.

Some of them provide you with free Website templates, which you can edit, make unique and make your brand, so it is like a real small business.

The payment methods are also important when choosing an Affiliate Program. Most of them pay by check, but this method takes very long time to receive your money. Better Sign-up for a Program that pays by Paypal or E-Passporte.

Just for your information they are People that make crazy money from that business. There is a casino webmaster making $70 000/Month and a Herbal Webmaster making $60 000/Month from this. Not bad, isn't it.

With your little baby (your website) you can live more than just good and the great thing is it takes only about 2hrs a day. It takes 2hrs. to check how it is going and make the necessary changes. Give it a try. Join one of my trusted Affiliate Programs for free, choose a product that you like and start making Money by promoting it!

A List of my Trusted Affiliate Programs


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